Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steak ohhh STEAK!! part 2

DCMC SUPER-DUPER STEAK Ver 2.0 Recipe for 2 servings

1/2 pound steak -sirloin (cut into 2 if u r in good mood)
1.5 teaspoon of unsalted butter
1 cup of fresh sliced mushrooms
1.5 teaspoon of all purpose flour
0.5 cup of beef stock ( u might wanna get instant one as the original one would take at least 8hrs to prepare...unless u own a steakhouse haha)
some oil for coating, salt and pepper for seasoning ( i get myself some garlics for the magic )

Jom Masak !!

1. Seasoned the steaks as desired. ( coat lightly with oil+salt+pepper) or (salt+pepper +smashed up garlics and rubbed to the flesh...)
2. Cook the steaks in a skillet/pan over medium heat to DESIRED DONENESS !! (blh refer kat pics bawah ni ok... )
3. Remove the steaks. Cover loosely with aluminum foil and let rest 5 to 10 minutes before serving. During this time the meat continues to cook (meat temperature will rise 5 to 10 degrees after it is removed) and the juices accumulate…
4. Heat the butter in the skillet/pan. Add the mushrooms and cook until they're tender
5. Stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Gradually stir….. until the mixture boils and thickens. Serve the mushroom gravy with the steaks ( serve whole or slice thin and fan onto serving plates)

** never touch + poke the steak other than to turn it... RESPECT THE MEAT !!
** i usually turn max twice for each side
** there will be a lot of turn on the vent otherwise your neighbours will come and
confiscate all the steaks !!

ok...these pics explaining the condition of the steaks...remembering and applying will not only show your knowledge but eventually gain PEOPLE RESPECT too !!

Steak Rare Internal Temp 55 C

A rare done steak should be warm through the middle, lightly charred on the outside, browned around the sides and bright red in the middle. The meat should be soft to the touch, feeling like the raw meat but browned over the surface. Cook this steak as hot as possible for a very short period of time, probably about one to two minutes per side for a one inch thick steak (depending on your grill).

Steak Medium Rare Internal Temp 57 C

At medium rare your steak should be warm through the middle with a hint of red. Most of the center of the steak should be pink. The sides should be well browned, the top and bottom charred to a dark brown color. This steak should have a firm surface but be soft in the middle. Grill this steak as hot as you can for about 2 to 3 minutes per side (depending on your grill). This is the recommended level of doneness for a good steak !!

Steak Medium Internal Temp 65 C

A medium steak should have a thick band of light pink through the middle but be more browned than pink. The sides should be a rich brown color and the top and bottom charred darkly (but no black). This steak should have some play through the middle but feel firm to the touch. Grill this steak over a medium high heat for about 5 to 6 minutes per side (depending on your grill). If you are grilling for a large group of people this is the best level of doneness to please most people...

Steak Medium Well !! Internal Temp 68 to 74 C

A medium well steak should have a hint of pink in the very middle of the steak.The surface should be a dark brown with good charring on the top and bottom. This steak will be very stiff but still have a little squish in the middle. Grill this steak over a high heat for one minute per side then move to a medium heat for 5 to 6 additional minutes per side (depending on your grill). This is the steak for the squeamish who don't want color in their meat. If you can sneak this one in for someone ordering Well you will be doing both of you a favor.

Well Done !! Internal temp is 77C or higher

This steak should NOT be burnt on the outside. While there is not even the faintest hint of pink in the middle it should be browned through, not burnt through. This steak should feel solid all the way through. A Well Done steak is the hardest to cook. The secret is to do it low and slow. It's the only way to prevent burning while getting it cooked through the middle. Grill this steak over a medium heat for between 10 and 12 minutes per side. Most people will tell you that this is the steak for people who don't like steak.

fadzly signing out !!!---- balik malaysia nanti baru post real pics ok guys !!!

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