Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steak ohhh STEAK !!

I used to remember my first time Dad brought us to eat steak at our younger age (skarang not so young anymore hahaha) The restaurant was fabulous with decorative lights and soft music. My mouth started drooling like hungry wolves....then the main dishes arrived...TADA. it look awesome and smell soooooo wohooooo. Then things gone crazy for a while for me. The beef is so hard and its look pretty difficult to eat. Even though i ate it ( with all my heart ) the beef is just too hard to chew and swallow.

“Ni daging ker kayu ker” or “macam makan selipar hahaha” are the sentences we used that night.

Now im going to share what steak really mean ( in term of eating and preparing it the right/dcmc way).

(i really like to cook here in swiss but there are no HALAL meat here –will explain later ) so these are pics from friends that i shares...nanti balik Malaysia baru post REAL PICS !!)

Let' begin with the beef sliced and size
Choosing the correct cut of meat is very important. Some of the best steaks for gilling are the premium cuts. Thickness of the steak is very important between 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches thick.

Tenderloin or Mignon Fillet
Kandungan lemak yang rendah (sesuwei sangat bg yang obsess dgn diet tapi nak melantak haha)
most tender steaks but not the most flavor!!!

Sirloin or Sirloin Tip
2nd least fat in the muscles & great for grilling to yum yum

Top Sirloin
noticed some fat stings on top?? that adds some fat and flavor!!!

Rib Eye
nampak tak byk lemak marbling kat daging tu?? That's why it's the best for steaks!!!

mendapat gelaran unik of the T section of the fat in the flesh. Its combination of strip sirloin dan mignon fillet/ saya bole makan dgn 2 org hahaha so BIG!! for Malaysian guy.
** all pictures credit to google images

TIP SEBELUM MASAK!!!!! (penting nih - otherwise the quality is just simply uwek!!!)

Steak mestilah berada pada suhu bilik/must be in room temp!! therefore kalo dari peti as, biarkan berada dalam 30-60 minit (wah lama betul..apa nak buat wat masa tuh? Takkan nak tengok aja???) So masa yang ada tu bole buat persiapan makanan lain. Ok!!! consider the accompaniments for the steak would be nice idea.

Kalo terus masak dari peti ais ------>struktur tisu daging akan mengeras/ the steak will contract thus the muscles will get stiff!! AWAS!!! -----> terus jadi selipar jepun laa hahaha. Pastikan lap skit steak tu sebelum masuk ke pan..kita tak mo steamkan daging betoi tak!!! hahaha

Dry heat cooking causes the exterior of the meat to brown and caramilze (ni wat sodap sgt ni!!!). This process is called MAILLARD REACTION meaning sugar inherent in the meat thru caramelization. The moisture on the surgace will evaporates and the juices becaoms concentrated, forming the applealing brown crus (ni paling best!!!)

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